Friday, 18 November 2011

Three Word Wednesday, 17/11/11

Here's a little piece I was encouraged to write and share by a very good friend of mine, based on this week's words over on Three Word Wednesday: Impetus; Solace, and Vindication.

Any feedback would be appreciated, though I do hope anyone who may read this will enjoy it. :)


The Berserker

His army has fallen around him. His kingdom is engulfed in flames behind him. Those who were dear to him have long since departed.

The loss of everything is all the impetus he needs. Revenge is in his heart.

Enraged and no longer dejected, the beaten fighter rises from the ruin around him. On his feet for one last time, he raises his mighty battle axe and begins his sprint forth. Towards his foes; towards his death.

His righteous anger is vindication for his lost grasp on his own sanity. He is a man possessed; to draw blood and dispense death are his only remaining desires. He charges ever closer to his victorious opponents; his berserker's spirit pushes his physical body beyond its natural limits.

His enemies are legion, but that doesn't matter to this overthrown warrior king. He has nothing left to lose, but he has glorious vengeance and salvation to gain.

For him, there would be solace in suicide.


  1. Really powerful. Excellent pace and I found myself caring about him, actually feeling sorrow!

  2. Wow. You said a great deal in few words--well done!

  3. Yep, what they said. More please. -Kelly

  4. Very intense. Well done

  5. In just a few words you managed to portray the passion and feeling of an entire novel. Well done!