Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Three Word Wednesday, 23/11/11

Another Wednesday, another three words I liked, and so... a poem.

I have no idea why I was inspired to write this. I don't particularly enjoy reading or writing poetry, but this just formed on my fingertips after an hour or so. Any feedback would be great; please make of it what you will.


Astraea's End

At the edge of the Styx,
Where the dead pass by,
The impure girl lies on her knees,
Gazing up at the night sky.

Her innocence stolen,
The tainted maiden contemplates the river.
Apathy; she is just a hollow soul,
With only her life left to deliver.

Now past her misery,
The shamed girl enters the water,
Wading towards the deep,
To offer herself to the Gods for slaughter.

Resolute, she passes the shallow,
Loses her footing, and falls down,
Into the abyss, determined to sink.
With no resistance, she begins to drown.


  1. A Stygian tale that leads to questions. What is her shame? Is it earned or imposed? She has the power to stay awake at the river's edge when we mostly never do. Somehow I find myself wanting to rescue her and remind her of the power already in her.

    I have ever been a rescuer. I have been really fortunate that it hasn't destroyed me.

  2. Powerful stuff, well expressed...

  3. I often find some wonderful creations can come from out of nowhere. I try not to question them, but it's hard not to.

    you have definitely woven an interesting tale.